Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is Florida Kris Kringle the real Santa Claus?

There’s a good reason he looks like Santa. Remember, seeing is believing, but believing is also seeing. If you are the real you, then he must be the real Santa.

  • How old is Florida Kris Kringle?

He’s as old as his nose, but slightly older than his teeth.

  • What days does Florida Kris Kringle work?

Florida Kris Kringle works whenever he is needed year round, and especially every day during the Christmas Season, right up to, and including Christmas Day.

  • How early should I book Florida Kris Kringle?

There are a lot of families, businesses and organizations, but only one Florida Kris Kringle and only limited days, nights, and weekends during the Season. It’s never too early to book your event.

  • How will I know when my visit is locked in?

When you receive an acknowledgement that your signed contract and retainer have been received.

  • What will Florida Kris Kringle wear?

Florida Kris Kringle wears a custom designed suit with real leather boots, a real leather belt with a shiny custom made belt buckle, and sports a real mustache and beard. His beard is even registered in the National Beard Registry (Registration # 7587).

  • Can Florida Kris Kringle deliver presents?

Yes. Arrangements can be made ahead of time as to where to leave the presents so that Florida Kris Kringle can put them in his toy sack upon arrival.

  • At our event, how do I address Florida Kris Kringle?

Always address him as Santa, or Santa Claus.